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California Wine Bottle Upcycle Ideas

After enjoying a good wine, how should we deal with the empty bottles? Here are a few easy DIYs for you to upcycle the wine bottles.


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How to remove the wine labels from the bottle? 如何去除酒標?

  • If you want to collect the wine label


Use a hairdryer to heat up the wine bottle until the label is slightly loose. Pull out the label gently.

If it is not working, buy a wine label collector and follow the instructions on it.


  • If you don’t mind damaging the label


Prepare a bucket of water, add 5 -10 tablespoons of baking soda, soak the wine bottle for 30 minutes, and peel the label off.

Use a sponge to remove the residues if needed.


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Vase 花樽


The easiest DIY that many wine lovers have done at least once! Clean the bottle, and remove the wine labels – a nice vase already! Make it prettier with paint, jute twine, wrapping paper etc. Be creative!


Papers could be pasted onto the bottle neatly with double-sided tape. Use glue gun for jute twine or any other special materials like seashells or stones.


Since the opening of a wine bottle is a bit narrow, single flower or dried flowers with thinner stems would work the best with the wine bottle vase.

最簡單直接的玻璃酒樽DIY! 只需要洗淨玻璃酒樽,除去酒標,便已經可以直接當作花樽使用。要提升美感,可以發揮您的藝術細胞,以顏料、油漆、毛線、麻繩等等不同物料裝飾,獨特又美觀!至於黏貼材料,花紙、色紙等材質用雙面膠紙即可,而毛線、麻繩等用膠水槍將會黏貼得更穩固。由於酒樽口較為細小,宜只插入單支花朵,或選擇較幼身的乾花,文青感更強。

Decorative Lamp 裝飾燈


Simply put LED decorative lights into a clean and empty wine bottle, you will get a beautiful decorative lamp for your room! There are some LED decorative lights with a battery box in the shape of a wine cork – perfect to use with your wine bottles!



Blackboard 酒樽小黑板


Turn empty wine bottles into a cool gift with blackboard paint. Write and draw whatever you want – they are super cool to put on shelves!


Candle Stand & Candle Stand Cover 蠟燭座

Make a drinking glass out of a wine bottle!

Watch the below video made by Wine Spectator to see how exactly:

切割酒樽做水杯!可以參考Wine Spectator以下短片示範:

Then, the lower part of the wine bottle is now a water glass. How about the upper part of it? Find a base plate of your liking and make that a candle stand. The upper part of a wine glass can be the beautiful glass cover of the candle stand.

下半部分做了水杯,上半部分怎樣用? 只要加一個底座,即可變成有罩的蠟燭座,同樣質感十足。

*Caution: please wear safety glasses, protective masks and gloves etc when you work on the glass cutting and sanding.

* 切割酒樽、打磨玻璃切口等有一定危險性,大家謹記做足保護,防護眼罩、面罩、手套等不可少,注意安全!

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Not a DIY fan? Or have too many wine bottles that you cannot upcycle them all?


The most responsible way would be recycling the bottles. In Hong Kong, some of the residential buildings/ estates have glass recycling bins for its residents. Otherwise, check out the government’s waste reduction website (link here) and find the closest recycling points near you.

Wine bottle recycling points:





If you want to know more about Sustainability wine program, please visit:


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