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23 August 7 - 10pm

港灣壹號 Grand Hyatt One (Hotel Grand Hyatt Hong Kong)

Early Bird $1688
Standard $1888

Menu below to pair with 8-9 California wines
(Animal-cruelty ingredient are avoided and seafood from sustainable fishing is selected (with ** below))

There will be a column to include donation to 老友記慈善農莊

港 灣 薈 萃One Harbour Road deluxe appetizers
水晶皮蛋子薑,魚子醬脆皮乳豬件,豉油皇百花煎釀帶子Preserved egg jelly with young gingerCrispy suckling pig, caviarPan fried scallop filled with shrimp mousse, soy sauce
** 避 風 塘 牙 魚 粒Deep fried diced Patagonian toothfish, chili, gralic
** 花 雕 蛋 白 蒸 蝦 球Steamed prawns, egg white, “Fa Du” rice wine
羊 肚 菌 水 晶 燴 澳 洲 和 牛 面 頰Braised wagyu beef cheek, morel mushrooms, flat glass noodles
松 露 鮑 汁 香 煎 羊 扒Wok baked lamb chops, black truffles, abalone sauce
蟹 皇 扒 菠 菜 苗Braised baby spinach, crab roe sauce
梅 菜 叉 燒 帶 子 粒 炒 脆 紅 米 飯Fried rice, scallops, barbecued pork, beetroot, green beans, egg, preserved vegetables
焗酥皮蛋撻,港灣招牌南乳餅Baked egg tarts, Hong Kong styleCrispy fermented beancurd pastries, lotus paste

Ticket reimbursement of $100 upon purchase of $1000, and $150 upon $1200 (with digital order form)


Founded by renowned wine journalist and critics Lau Chi-Sun in 1998, Wine Now Monthly has been the pioneering wine media actively promoting wine culture and publishing printed magazine in Great China and Chinese-speaking regions.

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