Taste California like a Pro: A blind tasting workshop

Taste California like a Pro: A blind tasting workshop

27 July, 3:00pm-4:30pm

Vinoteca Wine Lab, SHTM, Poly University

By invitation only

Taste California like a Pro: A blind tasting workshop

Learn how to differentiate the classic grape varieties and appellations of California and taste the latest trends in California wine scene! As we blind taste through 9 wines, enrich your wine vocabulary using the PIST system of wine descriptors

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Anty Fung

Hong Kong-born Anty Fung is a seasoned wine
professional with 10+ years experience spanning
wine education, wine judging, wine speaking, cellar
storage and Food & Beverage management. She is
General Manager of Hip Cellar and AnOther Place,
Hong Kong's premier professional wine storage
solution and award-winning dining concept known
for specialized wine events. She is also on the
team of award-winning wine trading platform
WineWorld Xplorer, where she oversees wine
listings and buy-sell matching.
Anty is Teaching Consultant at MWM Wine School
by Debra Meiburg, where she regularly delivers
WSET courses and workshops. She also judges at
international and local wine competitions and
speaks at various trade fairs and private events.
Anty is known for her inclusive, creative style of
presentation and delivery.

When not sipping and talking about wines, you will
find Anty running in the trails around Hong Kong.