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California All You Can Taste

California All You Can Taste

13 July 3pm onwards

G07 Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road, Central

$680 + 10% | 2 hours

California All You Can Taste anyone? Join us on July 13th and try some of the most exciting wines from California (100% Symphony white variety, Petit Verdot from Lodi...) or compare Cab Sauv and Pinot Noir from different regions of California. Play around with 18 selections, first come first served, and try some of our team favourites from our new variety-paired food menu. Seriously, how can you say no to a delicious glass of Cali Pinot and our duck sliders with radicchio, cherry ketchup and foie gras?

加州酒星期六任飲,期間限定,只做一日,7月13日約定你!7月13日星期六,我哋會喺舖頭為大家準備18款不同嘅加州酒(先到先試,斟完即止)先嚟個預告,同大家講吓有咩好試先:鐘意新奇特別嘅朋友,可以專攻 100% Symphony 白葡萄做嘅白酒,洛迪產區嘅小維多紅酒等;讀緊WSET 課程嘅學霸們,可以嚟品試加州不同分區嘅Cab同Pinot 風格有咩分別。今次亦係我地第一次搞All You Can Taste 包埋食物:大家一齊嚟試下我地新menu 嘅車厘子茄汁手拆鴨肉迷你漢煲包,同加州Pinot 有幾夾啦!

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An award-winning coffee and wine bar with fun food pairings and all-you-can-taste selections

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