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“We are not starting a trend or changing the world. We like the way the world is – but with more good wine please!” Powered by the team at Kedington Wines (with over 30 years of experience in importing quality wines), the people at Wine Please! bring you curious wines and personable services that you may not always find in Hong Kong. Wine Please! works with some amazing, internationally-acclaimed family wineries – you will find a diverse range of labels sourced directly from these producers. They want more people to say “Wine Please!” as the answer to any occasion, to anything!

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1 July - 31 August 2020

“BRANDLIN” - a name that gives Bordeaux wines a run for their money.
“CUVAISON” - exquisite and sophisticated like no other New World cool-climate wines out there!

From the steep rugged slopes of Mount Veeder to the coolest area of the valley, Los Carneros, these wineries bring forth the best elements from Mother Nature while staying true to their heritage. Meticulously hand-crafted, the end result is magnificent, well-balanced and succulent wines!

From 1 st July – 31 st August 2020, enjoy exclusive offers on Brandlin and Cuvaison wines.

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