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Altaya Wines

Established in 2001, Altaya Wines is a wine distributor providing services to both trade customers and private clients ranging from wine list selection, consultation, menu pairing to export, and wine investing. Today, Altaya Wines has one of the most extensive rare and fine wine selections with over 10,000 references from the best vineyards across the globe. As the exclusive agent to over 200 internationally acclaimed brands, its portfolio covers classic regions of the Old and New World. Altaya Wines is considered a key player not only in its home market of Hong Kong but across the Asia Pacific.

Altaya Wines

California wine brands/wineries

Robert Keenan, Rhys Vineyards, The Paring, Kistler, Ulysses


Promotion details

30 June - 31 Jul 2022

Come celebrate California Wine Month with us! This summer, you will be able to access
our premium selection of California wines such as Harlan Estate, Colgin, BOND, Opus
One, Dominus, Peter Michael, Kistler, and more. Let's get the Cali sunshine in Hong Kong
along with a selection of affordable, sexy California wines up to 10% off.

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