Retail Promotion

Oriental Pearl (H.K.) Ltd.

Since 2004, OPL has provided reliable, authentic and quality wines to our customers. Our wines are sourced directly from chateaus and wineries. We provide services from sourcing rare fine wines, hosting private dinners and tastings to establishing partnerships with local restaurants, hotels and bars.

OPL believes that wine and food goes hand in hand. We strive to educate consumers on food and wine pairings, providing a selection of unique wines to pair with local cuisines to create a memorable experience.

Oriental Pearl (H.K.) Ltd.

86 Kwong Pan Tin, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan, N.T.

June till August 2021

Promotional period from June till August; Promoting wines from Denner Vineyards to celebrate California Wine Month; With a limited 3 bottle set to allow others to taste wines from a wine region less known but just as able to stand up to others within the California AVA.