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About the Exhibition

Our curation presents important and significant events in the history of California wines. This exhibition features wineries that have made meaningful contributions and pays tribute to legendary figures who have helped place California wines on the world map. Beginning from year 1849 to date, you will journey through the years from the Gold Rush era to Prohibition, post-Prohibition to the Judgment of Paris; an event that changed the wine world and established California as a world-class wine producing region, to innovative and sustainable efforts to date in modern history of California wines. 

The exhibition is also exemplar of California’s Golden State of Mind, defined by the spirits of boldness, optimism, and innovation. Historic events in California in the mid-19th century brought about opportunities, where in the midst of uncertainties, new immigrants explored them with optimism and acted boldly to fight for their future. Faced with continuous changes, these Californians continued to innovate and strive for better living. 

Journey through time with us at this exhibition!

我們的展覽以加州葡萄酒歷史中的重要事件與里程碑進行策展,呈獻多家酒莊,它們曾作出極具意義的貢獻,並向使加州酒在世界地圖佔一席位的傳奇人物致意。透過展覽,你會從1849年游走至今:由淘金熱走到禁酒時期,再由禁酒令解除至「巴黎審判」—— 一件改變了葡萄酒世界及確立加州為世界級產酒區的事件,及至認識現代加州酒歷史的創新和持續發展的努力。 此展覽亦是呈現以膽量、樂觀及創新精神為定義的加州Golden State of Mind的模範。十九世紀中期的事件帶來機遇和轉變,在變化不定的時期,新移民樂觀地發掘機會,帶著膽量為未來而努力。面對持續不斷的變化,這群加州人繼續創新蛻變,邁向更好的生活。 現在就透過展覽跟我們穿梭時空!

The Gold Rush 淘金熱
Prohibition 禁酒令
Post-Prohibition 禁酒時期之後
Judgment of Paris 巴黎審判
Innovation - 創新精神 
Sustainabilty - 可持續發展

Music in the Vineyard

During the weekends, there will be live music performances by artists Mansonvibes, Higgo Raj, and Luna is a Bep to bring visitors a taste of California’s iconic summer concerts “Music in the Vineyard'', a deep-rooted tradition in the Golden State. 

於週末期間,主辦單位亦請來獨立歌手Mansonvibes (張進翹)、Higgo Raj (Hugo) 及Luna is A Bep現場演出,讓顧客體驗 “Music in the Vineyard” 加州酒鄉傳統標誌性的夏季音樂會。週末音樂會座位有限,預約從速。

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Please note that this event is only open to guests who are 18+ and of legal alcohol drinking age.

  2. This event has non-marked seating and will be a standing event.

  3. Registered guests are required to present acceptable proof of age and identity for entry.

  4. Registered guests are obliged to comply with the rules and regulations of the organiser (California Wine Institute), otherwise, entry to the venue shall be denied.

  5. Each registration is for one person only. The email confirmation received from the organiser must be presented for admission.

  6. To avoid delays in entering the venue and to ensure an enjoyable experience, all registered guests are recommended to arrive 15 mins before the show begins.

  7. During the music show performance, there will be recording on-site, please follow the instructions provided by our staff to avoid interruption of the recording.

  8. The programme information is for reference only. The organiser reserves the right to change programme information or schedule should unavoidable circumstances dictate.

  9. In the unlikely event of a dispute, the Organizer’s decision shall be final.

COVID -19 Precautionary Measures:

  • For hygiene reasons, all the guests will be required to have their temperature taken and sanitize their hands upon arrival at the venue, and wear a mask throughout except when consuming the tasting portions.

  • Persons before entering the premises are required to be complied with (i) scanning the “LeaveHomeSafe” (LHS) venue QR code using the LHS mobile application (hereinafter abbreviated as “scanning LHS”), and (ii) complying with the requirements in the Vaccine Pass Direction, exist in parallel.

  • Those who display any symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, should not attend the event and are recommended to promptly seek medical advice.

  • Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone found in violation of these precautionary measures.

  • Organizers will continue to monitor the evolving situation to ensure that appropriate hygiene measures are put in place.

Any questions regarding the event, please contact


Exhibitors 參展商:

July 1 to 3 (Fri to Sun)









July 8 to 10 (Fri to Sun)

July 15 & 16 (Fri & Sat)




Wine Brands 葡萄酒品牌:

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